Dry Rot Identification & Eradication

Dry Rot

The true Dry Rot fungus is the more serious of the wood destroying fungi. It causes extensive damage to structural timbers if not treated in time. It will spread undetected behind wall plaster and even through thick walls in search of timber to attack. Timber affected by dry rot is brown, dry and brittle with cube shaped (cuboidal) fractures and can be crumbled by hand. The fruiting body (or fungus/mushroom growth) gives off millions of spores which resembles red dust and is often mistaken for brick dust. Of all the fungal attacks this should not be delayed. It will continue to spread from floor to floor and room to room destroying all timber in its wake. Call us today for advice, surveys & quotations.

telltale signs that you may have dry rot in you home

  1. Is there a damp or rotting odour in a particular area or room in you home
  2. Is there an accumulation of an orange or rust coloured dust on window boards or furniture.
  3. Is there a spring in your timber flooring (feels weak underfoot).
  4. Do your skirting boards appeared to have shrank or separated from your flooring.
  5. Has any of your window or door frames started to become brittle over a short period of time.

If your home appears to be suffering from any of the above it is important that you act immediately as to allow an active dry rot attack to continue to grow will only cause further destruction to timbers in other areas of your home.


Dry Rot and the damage it can cause

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