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Mould Problems in Modern Properties

Black Mould (Stachybotrys chartarum) is a greenish black fungus that grows on material with a high cellulose and low nitrogen content, such as on wood or paper and in the right conditions other organic matter found throughout your home (leather shoes and jackets, in and behind wardrobes, on curtains and window reveals, in corners both high and low levels in bedrooms). Depending on whom you speak to you will get an array of solutions from the use of dehumidifiers to the installation of external vents. These will give some results but in most cases the mould will return and establish new fungal growths in other areas of you home. The key is to establish why your home is suffering from this problem and to deal with it at source. Once we have carried out a survey of your home we can provide you with a solution which will completely eradicate this problem.

Condensation Problems

Condensation is a result of warm moist air coming into contact with a cold surface. In severe cases it results in water runs and a black mould growth and generally occurs on windows, curtains, bathrooms, wardrobes and in areas which have poor air circulation, Unfortunately condensation is often misdiagnosed as rising damp. Many factors contribute to this problem. These problems can be completely resolved firstly by making sure that it is a condensation problem and not rising damp, then introducing a way to remove the moisture from the air and by promoting a good air flow from within the envelope of the property not allowing cold air to enter via external vents which in most cases occupants will block up over time. When a property has high humidity and poor air transfer it can be prone to mould growth. The key is to eradicate the problem at source (kitchen and bathrooms) and creating air exchange to lower the relative humidity and allow the property to breath. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to call. We can arrange an inspection (complete with a detailed written report) at a time which suits you.

Over the last decade this problem has become more prevalent in all properties. Many factors play a part in determining why your property suffers from condensation and, in some cases, associated fungal growth and odours. The key is experience and the use of specific digital meters which allows us to make an accurate assessment of your property to offer you the best option to ensure your home or rental property is free from problems now and in the future.